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Become a Licensed Hauler

To become a licensed commercial hauler or to renew your existing license, you must fill out the “Commercial Hauler's License Application Form.” Once completed, mail or fax it to the District (address and fax number are on page one of the application).

The "Policies Implementing Waste Management Ordinance" (and four related documents), the "Rate Sheet," and the "Waste Management Ordinance" are District documents that govern how waste is managed in the ACSWMD. These documents should be printed, reviewed, and kept for your information.

Please contact the District at 388-2333 if you would like to receive a copy of any of these documents by mail. In addition, licensed commercial haulers may also require a State Waste Transporter Permit. For more information, visit the VT DEC Waste Transporter Permitting website.

  1. Commercial Hauler's License Application Form (2024)
  2. Final Policy Implementing Waste Management Ordinance
  3. ACSWMD Waste Management Ordinance
  4. Recycling Reuse Reporting Form
  5. Out of District Reporting Form

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