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Containers for Recycling & Food Scraps

The following containers are available for District residents at the District Scalehouse. There is no admin fee charged on the supplies listed below. 

Recycling Bin ("Blue Bin")

Residents and businesses are invited to purchase recycling bins for collecting blue-bin recyclables. Each bin is $5. 

  • Durable
  • One size: 18 gallons

Recycling Bin "desk size"

These small recycling bins fit well under or near a desk. Each bin is $5.

  • 15" tall x 10.25" wide
  • Sturdy plastic

Kitchen Collector

Kitchen Collectors are used to collect food scraps. Each collector is $6. They can be stored in the fridge or freezer to prevent odors from developing.

  • Durable, dishwasher-safe, and easy to clean
  • Lid latches upright and closed
  • Perforations in the lid prevent insects from getting in
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Wide opening allows easy scraping of plates
  • Size: 1.9 gallons

Food Scrap Bucket

Great for families who generate more food scraps or residents and businesses who want to take out their food waste less often. Each bucket is $5.

  • 5 gallon bucket with lid
  • Lid is easy to remove and seals closed 

Compost Bin

These backyard composters are $68 each. For information on getting started with backyard composting, the District offers free home composting workshops. These composters are not bear-proof. It is important to follow best practices for composting to reduce the likelihood of attracting wildlife to a compost pile. 

  • 31"w x 20.25"d x 33"h
  • Holds 11 cubic feet
  • Made from sturdy, recycled plastic
  • Top lid twists for variable airflow, is removable
  • Easy assembly, sold as a single unit with non-collapsible sides

Green Cone Solar Digester

The District sells Green Cone Solar Digesters for $138 each. These solar digesters can handle meat scraps and other wastes a backyard compost bin cannot.