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District Staff

To reach staff by phone, dial (802) 388-2333, then the extensions listed below.

District Manager: Teri Kuczynski (Ext. 224), teri@

Program Manager: Donald Maglienti (Ext. 222), don@

Business Manager: Drew Pettis (Ext. 231), drew@ 

Administrative Assistant: Shelly Edson, admin@

Public Outreach Coordinator: Emily Johnston (Ext. 221), emily@

Transfer Station Supervisor: Gary Hobbs (Ext. 229), gary@

Scalehouse Operator: Chantel Bolduc, scalehouse@

Part-time Saturday Scalehouse Operator: Melissa Sullivan

Transfer Station Operators: Chad Kimball, Jake Vukas, Brian Sherwin & Gene Pouliot

Transfer Station Attendants: Wes Kimball & Ricky Rheaume